Why Do I Write about Mentoring Mothers

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I’m writing a blog. I am going to write a blog. Yes, it’s my blog. What is a blog? All of these questions have been coming into my mind lately. I know I’m supposed to be writing this, I feel it deep in my bones. I feel the Spirit move and say someone out there NEEDS to hear this. But now, it’s real and I need to write… about what? We shall see. One of the things I feel pushed to write about is mentoring mothers.

Blogging about Mentoring Mothers

Why Do I Write about Mentoring Mothers

These are all the things I have been asking and telling myself about blogging for a few years now. I have waited for ‘just the right’ time. I have no idea what to say and now here I am. So, I think I’m going to tell you about me and why I feel so passionate about this mommy blog.
I am a wife and a mom of 6, with 4 living children. We have two deposits in heaven and I long to see them one day in heaven. I come from a broken family that’s truly a hot mess. Daily I remind myself that my immediate family doesn’t have to follow in the same cycle, and I break the links daily.

My experiences

Our kids are 25, 24, 20 and 18. I have added many extended children in our home as I also nanny other people’s children. My daughter and I listed about 12 other children who, in some way, have been part of our extended family throughout the years. And to top it off, I homeschooled the last she will be graduating this year from high school with also a year of college under her belt.

My focus

My most favorite age is 2 1/2 -6 years old. It’s the years of new ideas, wonder, and self-expression. Its an age where values are learned, authority is learned (and loved) and imagination runs wild. It’s perfect in all ways. Is it stressful and challenging- absolutely! But it is where we mold the future. In those few years, a child will develop the personality and character that will go with them all their life. And it is the parents’ job to help them become the people they were created to be.

Come along on the journey

SO as we get to know each other here, I’d love to come and help you see that small wonder in the eyes of your child. I would love to be able to help you and support you when you feel like giving up and screaming. On those days when you are sleep deprived, hungry and forgot to shower, or never had the opportunity to shower, I want to be here for you and tell you how perfect this is and in a blink of an eye the day will be over and tomorrow will shine brightly with new light. I want to be that for you.

So mom, know that YOU are so special! First, YOU have been chosen for your child. Second, YOU are the ONLY ONE who can love that child the way they need to be loved. And lastly, YOU were chosen in high regard! On those hot mess days- I will be here to tell you that.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Follow along

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And, as I continue to write, you are going to get to hear some of my hot mess days and the mistakes I have made over the years and the victories I can celebrate! I hope you join me on this blogging journey by subscribing and I hope we can be friends. Because, it truly does take a village, well at least a few close friends, to keep us focused on the prize!