Our Team – Team Chat and Chalk!

TeamChatandChalk is a group of amazing people who all share a common love of chalking with Chalk Couture!  On our team, you will find positivity, encouragement, and guidance.  You will never hear me push you from behind or drag you from in front—instead, I will walk alongside you and help you reach your goal with your business.

The most amazing thing about our team is that we take each day as it comes.  We each have a choice as we ride this thing called life to either be grumpy or embrace the fun of everything that happens…. On our team, we choose to embrace all that we can each offer and have a great time on the way. After all, it is more fun to go on this journey together!

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.”

― Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

By joining TeamChatandChalk, you will be joining people from all across the country who are also growing vibrant, productive businesses. You will have access to mentors and advisers. You will be involved in team building and watching your own personal business grow to expound levels. Income levels will vary according to your personal needs and work hours. YOU control the schedule, income, and commitment. I provide encouragement, training, and some fun incentives along the way!

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