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Incentive Trip with Chalk Couture in Punta Cana

I cannot believe it, I have earned all 7 incentive trips with Chalk Couture! I am beyond blessed to be a part of such an amazing company like Chalk Couture. It is a dream come true for me. But it wasn’t all just about the activities and the food. Spending time with my loved ones and being able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life was priceless. It was a chance to create unforgettable memories and cherish moments with those who matter most.

As I’m on my way back home from my trip, all I can say is “WOW!” What an experience it was. I have big goals, and I’m not stopping anytime soon, I feel so rejuvenated. First on my list is to get to Myrtle Beach by morning for the Vintage Market Days of Coastal Carolina – I have my eyes set on the prize, and I am not giving up until I get there!

Why Join Chalk Couture?

The next trip on my list is to Jamaica in 2024, and I’m already excited about it. Who wants to join me?

This company has given me so many opportunities to better myself. Chalking has helped me in so many ways, and it’s such a huge de-stressor. It is a happy activity, and I get to create beautiful home decor while doing it. Plus, I get to work from home, be with my family and set my schedule – the perfect balance.

One of the things I love most about Chalk Couture is that it offers so much more than just a business opportunity. I have met and made new friends from all over the USA and Canada, and the support we give each other is incredible. The community within Chalk Couture is like no other, and it’s truly a blessing to be a part of it.

I cannot believe that it has been 6 years now that I have been working with Chalk Couture – really from the pre-beginning! And let me tell you, it has been an incredible journey. I have learned so much about myself, grown as a person, and gained skills that I never thought were possible.

Thank You, Chalk Couture

I am beyond grateful for everything that Chalk Couture has given me. It has allowed me to chase my dreams, earn amazing incentive trips, create beautiful home decor, and most importantly, be a part of a supportive and loving community. I look forward to all the years ahead and can’t wait to see what the future holds for my business and me. If you are looking for an opportunity to better yourself, create something beautiful, and be a part of an incredible community, then Chalk Couture is the perfect fit for you!

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