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What fun I had with this project! This Procraftinating stencil is so fun to use and make a gift for all your crafty friends! Let’s stop procrastinating and get and Procraftinating instead!

We’d all rather be crafting! If this is SO you, there’s no better way to express yourself than using this fun B-sized Transfer to make something crafty.

Chalk Couture

You can find the Procraftinating stencil right here! After you get your stencil, let’s stop procrastinating and let’s get Chalking! First, you’ll need to gather just a few more items for the project.

Tools for the Procraftinating Project

Steps for the Procraftinating Project

Procraftinating Project
  1. Place the transfer on the surface of choice.
    • I used the pallet board for my project.
  2. As you chalk different colors, lift the transfer up and then let it lay gently down again.
  3. Keep doing this process until all of your colors are completed.
  4. Remove transfer and wash the transfer with water.
  5. Place the transfer back on the backer, sticky side to shiny side of the paper.

Are you the type that needs to see the project in action? Then click the video below to see how I did this on Facebook Live:

Tips and ideas for this project

  • You only need to size your transfer the first time.
  • Considering waxing your pallet boards.
  • Add handles to your pallet board!
  • Use long, straight strokes on the text.
  • To wash it, you can just wash it under water or use a microfiber to clean it.