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As you know my company name is MARKEL MANIA™. And I will tell you it lives up to its name each and every day. Today’s adventure was quite the challenge. But with a little perseverance and some imagination, I was able to create some tasty side dishes. AND save a lot of time and energy in the future.

So, it all started like this…

Since I have a very busy life style, I utilize Instacart for my grocery shopping needs. I like the fact I can order what I need and it will be delivered that day to my door. I simply have to put it away. This saves me money (no impulse purchases) and also a lot of time!

Well, we had a church potato bar at our house one Sunday.

I was asked to purchase the potatoes. So I ordered 10 pounds (2 bags) of BAKING potatoes. Bless the guys heart, he brought me 15 pounds of yellow potatoes. 15 pounds!!! Needless to say, I had no clue what to do with them. So, I researched as to what I needed to do so I would not have to throw them away.

Here is the potato journey for your enjoyment and education!

I washed and peeled all of those potatoes. Then, I diced and cooked two pots in the Instapot with a stick of butter, salt, and pepper. Since I no longer have a hand held mixer, I used my amazing Kitchen Aid mixer to whip and mash those potatoes. I added ½ pint of heavy whipping cream to each batch.

Then, I used these amazing silicon bags ,which can be microwaved or dropped in a boiling water bath, and placed my mashed potatoes in them and sealed them. Once they were cooled, they were placed in the freezer for future enjoyment!

Next, I took a few potatoes and shredded them in the food processor.

I plugged in the waffle iron to create some fun! Then, I placed the shredded potatoes in a sack cloth clean towel and sprinkled salt over them. And I let them sit for about 15 mins. Then I twisted the towel and got all of the excess water out of the potatoes.

I then sprayed the waffle iron with non stick spray or butter generously. Then, I placed the potatoes on the iron and closed it. It will take a while for the potatoes to cook. They are ready when the color is golden brown and when they do not separate when opening the iron.

As you can guess, I served these with the fresh guacamole I had just prepared. It was the tastiest side dish ever!

So, the potato tragedy of 2019 turned into an amazing, tasty treat with just a little bit of creativity and effort.

Let me encourage you to be creative in the kitchen. Make a mess, think it through, and have some fun! Creating some crazy is a GOOD thing! You and your loved ones are sure to enjoy the spoils of the fun!