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Oh my gosh! I cannot get over how awesome this modern floral design looks! And I love the fact I can take any color grouping and make a beautiful piece of art for my home. I can even give it as a gift to a friend! This technique is very easy to do, but you have to be a more “free spirit” than a perfectionist. You see, sometimes art just happens!

To begin this project, decide if you would like a hard surface or a canvas banner.

Chalk Couture has amazing banners and surfaces for you purchase. This is the smaller banner from chalk couture and the board is something I found at a big box store.

If you are doing a textile (pillow cases, towels, banners, pennants etc) you will need to get the ink mat and place your item on the mat. 

The ink mat is tacky and it holds the cloth in place so you can easily use our transfer system with ease! You can get an ink mat here!

Using the Modern Floral transfer, (or any of our 18×18 background transfers) place the bottom line down on your surface to the point you want to create that straight line.

The beauty of our larger 18×18 transfers that are backgrounds is that they come with that straight line already on the design… so no taping required!

Choose your color scheme—if you are using this technique I would suggest finding three complimentary colors and then a darker accent color for the design in the center of the banner.

Then, you are going to start your color process by placing random areas of blobs of paste or ink on your transfer.

Then you are going to use a squeegee, pull all the chalk or ink across the surface to ‘mix’ it. Remove and discard the excess.

Peel your transfer and look at all that beauty! Then you will repeat on the lower area of your surface.

Decide what saying, word, or design you want in the middle of the banner or board.  The C size transfers are the perfect size for this project! Check out all the designs on our website and sort by “C” or by category.

Use your accent color and chalk or ink as usual.   When you are done, you have created a one of a kind piece of art that can be an heirloom for so many people to enjoy!

Remember with Chalk Couture, we create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is unique to you and your style!  How wonderful it is that we have all this fun available to you! 

To see a video of how I created this beautiful piece of art, click here!