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Those who know me know that I love to chalk it up with ChatandChalk™ by using Chalk Couture products.  They are a fun and easy way to add a gorgeous personalized touch to your home decor.  You can even chalk up a beautiful piece with cake for your kitchen!

But there is something you may not know about me.  

Are you ready? I LOVE TO BAKE! And what better day to share this with you but National Chocolate Cake Day! Today, January 27, 2020 is National Chocolate Cake Day!

That’s right. Mama Markel makes specialty cakes and more on the side.  It’s a fun little side hustle to my Chalk Couture business! And it’s a tasty one too. 

I like to bake cake because I like the science of baking! 

Of course I also like the taste of it and creating new flavors and textures.  My favorite thing to bake is Amish sugar cookies and specialty cakes. I like all kinds of cakes- from pound cake to carrot cake to swiss almond cakes! But my most favorite recipe is Buttered Almond with butter creme icing only second to Chocolate Mocha Bacon with Maple icing.

You can check out some of my special creations by visiting my Facebook Page Specialty Cakes by Mama Markel. I do take orders for cakes in the Orlando area.  So if you are looking for a specialty cake, give me a shout! It will be the sweetest treat you have ever had! 

I know Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. 

While I don’t ship cakes, I can ship molded chocolates! Order some chocolates for that special person in your life! And if you are in the Orlando area, nothing says “I love you” like cake!