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Creating a FREEDOM porch sign.

With the recent Memorial Day holiday, it’s unofficially SUMMER.  When I think of summer I think of cookouts, beach trips, fireworks, and the 4th of July which means FREEDOM.  It’s time to decorate for summer and FREEDOM is a good theme, don’t you think?

I am a sucker for porch signs.  It may be a southern thing, but I believe they are the perfect accent to ANY porch!  So I decided to use the Freedom transfer to create a one of a kind porch sign.  Here’s how I did it.  

Preparing your surface

The first thing you have to do is prep your surface.  For porch signs, I use 1” x 8” lumber cut to 4 ft.  You can paint or stain the board to your preference.  Once the surface is completely prepared, it’s time to chalk.

Applying your transfer

Now it’s time to apply your transfer so you can chalk.  Once you have all the pieces cut and ready and to apply, it’s time to get to work.  The MOST IMPORTANT thing you have to do at this point is make sure that you line your letters up correctly.  You can use the edge of the board to do this.  

Once you have your transfer applied and lined up, it’s time to apply your chalk paste.  Pick your color and apply to each letter.  For this sign, I’m using white.  Make sure you scrape off the excess chalk paste.  

Let it set for a few minutes and remove the transfers.  Start with the transfer piece you put on last and work your way back to the one you put on first just in case the transfers are overlapping a bit.  Use a heat gun or allow this to dry before moving on to the next step.

Adding accents

After your letters have dried, it’s time to add the prettiest of all accents…fireworks.  You can choose the colors you like, but for my sign I’m using blue and red.  Nothing screams FREEDOM like red, white, and blue.  Apply the fireworks where you like on your sign to accent your piece.  Once this is dry, your beautiful FREEDOM porch sign is done.

As you can see, creating your own beautiful porch sign is so simple.  It’s also the perfect accent to any porch no matter the size.  You can order your FREEDOM transfer by clicking here.  You could also create a WELCOME porch sign by using this same technique and the WELCOME transfer that you can get by clicking here.  You can view a video of this project by clicking here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at maryjo@chatandchalk.com.