Learning Leadership Through Servitude

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OH MY GOODNESS! That is all that I can really say.

Last week I invested into myself, my team, and my world. I attended, yet again, the John Maxwell Team Live Event to learn about leadership. In a room filled with over 3100, one would think that there would be short tempered people who had to stand in lines at the bathroom, right? One might think there were people who might get a little ticked when the air is a tad cooler than expected. That was not the case by any means! There were 3,100 like minded people from around the world. They were all smiling and sharing their lives with each other. Amazing doesn’t even compare to the feeling I have about this event.

Every time I go I am more and more amazed that it can get even better!

For those of you who do not know who John Maxwell is, let me help you. He’s kind of the leading source of leadership development in the world. He has and is meeting with the presidents of different countries who are seeking transformation in their countries. They are working and collaborating to make a better tomorrow—all by learning the basics of leadership—servitude.

Being a servant leader is a crucial and vital part of who I am. Leadership is important to me!

It is in my being, my inner self, and essentially my core. I strive everyday to be better than I was yesterday. I want to instill value into others and show them how successful they can be at whatever they choose to do.

This past weekend was so invigorating. Sitting at tables of 8, discussing leadership, coaching, public speaking, and mentoring. Learning from some of the top leaders in their fields like Paul Martinelli, Mark Cole, and Roddy Galbrith. The list truly goes on and on. There are no words to understand the excitement, exhaustion, and exhilaration that I feel as I look at TeamChatandChalk and know we are ONE team with ONE dream!

Our team vision is to take our limitations and make them opportunities. To take all of those things that hold us up, and make them into amazing and beautiful successes. It is also our team vision to work together as a positive influence in every person’s life that we come in contact with. WOW! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THIS?

I am sure you might still be wondering why I’m so hyped up. All I can say is join us and watch your world improve. You can watch your self confidence, your finances, and your relationships all improve. I am committed to teaching this team how awesome they are and how to get the best results in their personal self and in their business. I want to help you learn ALL of this IF you are willing to take the risk, trust me and my leadership team, and work hard!

Are you ready??? If so, don’t hesitate! Let me know! I really would like to know what I can do to help you! Contact me today!