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Well, here I am getting ready for what is looking like the busiest season I have had since I started my position with Chalk Couture three years ago. And … I. Can’t. Wait! It is going to be a kick butt season!

When I came to Chalk Couture in 2016, before it was even a launched entity, I was intrigued at the new concept of direct sales/ network marketing system concept of providing numerous strands of income potential. For example, with Chalk Couture, you can:

  • create items and sell the finished décor,
  • sell the products
  • sell a mix of the two
  • hold classes and teach others about this amazing product
  • be a team builder
  • do a little bit of all of it

Well, you guessed it—I like the variety of doing it all! And not to mention the challenge.

In the beginning, there were many things that kept me intrigued in the business. Coming from a direct sales background where all you had was the product to sell and going into selling not only the product, but also an experience was just what I was looking for.

I am an Intensive Care Nurse by profession. I was trained to teach patients about their diseases, teach families about the issues at hand, and to help loved ones go through some of the worst and hardest days of their lives. It is part of who I am. With Chalk Couture, I can bring that teaching into homes and studios and share how to create art for the masses. I can teach how to make beauty from simply sticking our silk -screen transfer to a surface, smearing some Chalkology Chalk Paste on it, and peeling that transfer up for the a-ha moment!

I love to help create a leader from a mom who has three little kids at home and is struggling to remember who she really is. And I LOVE doing what I’m doing because I feel I am giving VALUE to others. I am giving value to customers who smile in jubilation when they pull that screen off and see what an awesome artist they truly are. And I am giving value to the many team members who I lead. Because of chalk couture, they are now paying for private schools, new clothes, and a new car. I just cannot imagine a more fulfilling life.

Everything I have mentioned- it makes me tick!

Serving team CHAT AND CHALK and being the very best customer service person that I can be makes me smile. I am a person of value and I love putting value into others. This is a lesson I am holding from my mentor John Maxwell. I truly believe that we all can add value to others with just the smallest of effort. And, I use Chalk Couture to help me reach people I would have never met otherwise. I would love to open my world to you and get to know you and what your goals are for your journey.

So, if you are considering a little side hustle, I encourage you to come and ask me the hard questions. Ask me about how you can make big money. Then you can ask me about how you can change your life forever, both personally and financially. I am more than willing to be honest with you and share all I have. For $99 you could potentially change your future for you and your family and you could grow in such a personal way in the process.

I work hard. Don’t think this is all easy work.

I spend hours pouring into my customers, I do large events, I do classes for others, and I train and pour into my team members. I love to come around a table and share and brainstorm with team members and other leaders. It’s invigorating to hear fresh ideas on how our team is going to advance, on who needs a little extra encouragement or prayer, and or who just needs a friend and a hobby. EVERY person on our team has such incredible value. We are ALL IN for each other. And in this world, at this time, THIS is what living is about!

So, come and join our flock—our flamboyance! You see we are the pinkest of pink, the light bringers, the world changers, the game shakers. Also, we will uplift you and expand you. We will not let you play small with your life. We are your flock! And we would love to serve you and grow you into the best you that you can be! I know this company and team has done that for me! Aloha!